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Multifunction counter board, optically isolated, encoder, incremental counter, timer/counter, SSI, PWM,…
With the PCI multifunction counter board APCI-1710 many different applications can be realised on the same hardware base. Each of the four onboard modules has numerous functionalities.

Thanks to the FPGA board structure, any functions can be combined and modified according to the application. This programmability allows to integrate customer-specific requirements and can be extended permanently.

The inputs and outputs are optically isolated, which allows signal conditioning without feedback and protects the system against hazardous environmental noise.  


Counter board for length measurement:

The APCI-1710 can also be used for the acquisition of incremental transducers (RS422, TTL, 24 V) for material or parts testing, size bor process control.


Available functions:

  • Incremental encoder
  • SSI synchronous serial interface
  • counter/timer
  • pulse acquisition
  • frequency, period duration, velocity and pulse width measurement (PWM)
  • BiSS-Master
  • digital inputs and outputs
  • Function selection through software
  • Optical isolation
  • TTL, RS422, 24 V
  • Customised functions
  • ...